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Alexander Asirifi (President) ~ "Born in Ghana, West Africa. Studied business and assisted a firm that worked with banks and various companies. Later he became an associate Pastor at a church in Ghana and began to travel to rural areas to evangelize. In 1999 Alexander Asirifi authored a book, entitled "GOD'S PLAN FOR MAN". In 2003 he came to the United States, to further his education at Lincoln University in Jefferson City, Missouri. In 2004 he moved to Tulsa to attend Rhema Bible Training Center. Graduated from Rhema School of Evangelism in 2006 and School of Pastoral Ministry in 2007." You can contact me by:

Denise Asirifi (Vice President) ~ Born in Indiana but lived in Arizona all her life .In 2002 she answered to the call of God and moved to Tulsa to attend Rhema Bible training center(RBTC). She graduated from supportive ministry in 2005 and then graduated from SCHOOL OF WORLD MISSIONS in 2006. She has a heart to travel outside her comfort zone(USA) to Africa and Asia to spread the gospel of Jesus.At the moment she is getting ready to move with her husband, Alexander to start a bible school in Accra,Ghana in September 2008. contact her at

Jon Schauer (Director of Media & Communications) ~ "Born in North Dakota, Graduated Rhema 2nd year in 2005, Graduated RSPM 2006, traveling ministry, Design / Media / Printing, Attends RBC (Rhema Bible Church, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma)." You can contact him at:

Kevin Reynolds (Prayer Cordinator) ~ "Born and raised in Detroit, MI. Brought up under the love and care of a Christian mother who set the precedent of a godly figure, he was born again and received the infilling of the Holy Spirit (April of 1996), while still in his youth. He and his family—including his two older siblings—journeyed from various denominational churches for a number of years until finding their home at Word of Faith International Christian Center, in 1998. At the age of fourteen he was chosen for ministry by the Lord in the Pastoral office. Although very young, Kevin began perusing the Word of God, and extracting the wisdom and knowledge of God and endeavored to share it with those around him. “I have no intention(s) of creating a perfect image of myself. Although I was chosen very young, I ran away from my calling for several years. I dipped and dabbled into the things of the world for a portion of my life, which allowed the whiles, and attacks of the enemy to intervene and derail me eventually leading me astray, and all the while, I felt the Holy Spirit tugging at my heart beseeching me to come back to the place of righteousness and right standing in fellowship through Christ. During my “rebellious stages,” I uncovered my hidden talent for writing rap/music lyrics along with producing instrumentals and began utilizing them in the secular world. Over a period of time I’d advanced in the area of music production and lyric writing and determined to incorporate them into my future. In the year 2004, I’d decided I’d had enough of the counterfeit life the world could offer me and purposed my life for the Lord once again, and this time using my gifts for the purpose of His ministry and have been tremendously blessed every since. Shortly afterward, I had sought the Lord concerning which direction I was to go regarding ministry. However, I decided upon myself “in faith,” (how many of you ‘all know we can miss it sometimes…and more than once?) to attend Oral Roberts University (ORU) in 2005 and was immediately interrupted the Holy Spirit, for you see, He insisted that I attend Rhema Bible Training (RBTC) instead. In the month of May, 2005, I applied and was denied; I’d thought everything had been fashioned and purposed by the hand of God and was the appointed time. But little did I know, it was indicated for September of 2006. Several months down the line, I applied and was accepted—this time after having sought God about it in prayer. Throughout the duration of awaiting my departure from my wonderfully comfortable and what seemed to be an established life—yet having no current job or source of income—the Lord deepened, and strengthened our relationship, therefore being more sensitive to His voice in the midst of all decisions. Currently, I attend the awesome teaching/training grounds known as Rhema Bible Training Center (RBTC), where I’ll obtain the preliminary skills necessary for ministry purposes, and have recently been given a position in the growing, prosperous ministry of Global Harvest for Christ Ministries, where I hope to flourish as I continue to be led by the Spirit of the Living God into all things. Educational background includes: K-12 (diploma) and some college (1-2 years)." You can contact me by:

Edwing Richiez (Programs and Events Cordinator) ~ "With the confidence that “Christ is All”, Edwing’s desire is to see the lost saved, the sick healed, and believers growing to be more like Christ. He was born in The Dominican Republic and came to the U.S. at the age of 17. Two years later, he joined the U.S. Army where he served for four years. He served as the youth leader for two years in his former church and has had the opportunity to minister in different churches. Edwing graduated from RHEMA Bible Training Center in May, 2007." You can contact me by:

Randy Reighard (Webmaster) ~ "At the age of 14, the Lord called me into the youth ministry. A year before I became a born again Christian (Nov. 11, 1999) and I asked the Lord where does He wanted me to do on this world. I prayed and seeked after God's heart and God told me to go to Rhema. It all began when I graduated from Rhema Bible Training Center, Oklahoma in 2006 with the youth group major. During my last two years at Rhema, I also volunteered in the youth ministry at Rhema Bible Church to get more experience of serving with the youth. I later came back after summer break to RBTC to attend the pastor's group for my 3rd year at Rhema. After graduating from RBTC on May 18, 2007, the next step that God wants me to do with my life is going for computer art/web graphics/web design major. Also in my free time, I do professional christian clowning with my family, drawing, and making computer graphics/logo's too. My heart is to see the youth to come to the knowledge of having a relationship with Christ and growing up spiritually. My heart is to reach to the youth to help them discover the Will of God for their lives, teaching them to share the Word of God and to serve in the local church. Bringing God's Word relevant to the youth." You can contact me by:

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